Regulatory Updates


Clinical education is at the core of quality care, measurable outcomes and clinical compliance. Our clinical services group, with are partnerships we provide professional education to meet regulatory requirements as well as clinical pathways and tools to guide and enhance quality post-acute care.

We utilize advanced technology with latest equipment and modalities with ongoing training and stay ahead of the curve. Quality metrics and Functional Outcomes are the core for performance Metrics in value based service model.

Documentation Audits

We conduct audits at multiple levels and include monthly manual and EMR auto-trigger reviews. Our audit, clinical education and operations teams review and audit our sites of service to achieve well-defined standards of care and reduce risk for our partners.

Medical Review and Clinical Appeals

We have successfully appealed over 95% of all medical reviews. Our success in supporting medical review brings significant value to our partners. It also helps partners’ revenue cycle by providing information to submit proper claims and appeal reimbursement denials.

Clinical Expertise

We masters in clinical expertise to provide the continuum of care for transition of residents from skilled to assisted or senior living or their home and follow up with the care to prevent any re-hospitalization either due to change in care or goals.

Our mission is to provide high-quality care and cost effective outcomes.

Team Work : Adapt the facility and its goals as our own and work for mutual growth as a team. Follow the resident to provide the continuum of care, develop relationships.

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Interested in our services?

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